Net Records Launches PAYG Websites and Apps

Net Records today launched its exclusive website and apps offering for music makers and music shakers. Net Records puts the power of digital promotion into the hands of bands, DJs, music producers, clubs and record labels with easy-to-use tools at a price that makes sense.

Today the company officially launches its website platform and branded iPhone App.

Net Records Web gives anyone in the music industry a website that would normally cost thousands to develop for just a £500 deposit and then £50 per month. This includes design, development, configuration, and hosting. The site leverages the simple WordPress content management system to make it easy for anyone to manage their own site, listing gigs, posting photos and news, or even running competitions or guest lists. Every page can be protected for members only so that you can keep your inner circle of fans close.

Net Records for iPhone provides customers with a dedicated app on the AppStore for their brand, giving fans instant access to their latest tweets blog posts, gig or event listings, YouTube channel and more – all content driven from the Net Records Web interface